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  • Issue 51

The artist who plays with her food.
Words by Korsha Wilson. Photography by Pelle Crépin. Styling by Kingsley Tao. Hair by Natalie Shafii. Makeup by Linda Andersson. Prop Styling by Imogen Kwok.

At a party for Italian loungewear brand Comme Si, chef, food stylist and artist Imogen Kwok debuted a new work called An Egg But Not An Egg. Guests were invited to pick up a hot, pale-blue egg and crack it open, revealing a steaming and glistening mound of white rice inside. Onlookers giggled with joy as the illusion was revealed, reveling in the playful inversion of sensory expectations.

It’s one of many works where Kwok uses food as a medium, elevating the act of eating to an artistic experience. At Paris Fashion Week in 2023, for example, Kwok showed a piece at an event for fashion brand Matteau that presented food as interactive minimalist sculptures: a large dish of glossy, marble-sized melon balls next to overlapping wafer-thin layers of transparent radish and salmon rilette. In another work, for auction house Sotheby’s, dark chocolate–dipped grapes, glacé fruits, rose-flavored


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