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Would a Cheeto
Kill a Pilgrim?

A vague answer to a minor concern. Words by Robert Ito. Photograph by Maciek Miloch. Set Design by Zuza Slominska.

Would a Cheeto kill a Pilgrim? What a question. Let’s see: Pilgrims didn’t eat a lot of processed foods, so their old-timey guts would have probably squawked at the sorts of 21st-century junk we routinely ingest. But would a Cheeto, with its unholy mélange of chemicals, orange dye and “cheese seasoning,” actually kill somebody accustomed to a steady diet of shellfish, veggies and whole grains?1 Who knows? The better question might be: Who wants to know?

Turns out, lots of folks on the internet, who have made an intellectual game of puzzling out which modern foods might kill a child of the Victorian era, say, or at least put one in a coma. It’s easy to understand the popularity of such discussions. Unlike many similar online quibbles that require a certain base of specialized knowledge, this latest round of questions is refreshingly open to all. Anyone who knows that there are things called “Cheetos” and


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