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To us, Septime is one of the best restaurants in the world. It’s beautiful, refined, full of surprises and at the same time affordable. When coming here, it feels like home; the atmosphere, decor and staff come together to make an unforgettable experience. Bertrand Grébaut, the head chef, is a close friend of ours and we are more and more in awe after each visit to Septime. They’re constantly evolving and raising the bar for modern cuisine in Paris.

Lao Siam

This Thai restaurant is located in the Chinatown of Belleville. It’s never closed and is home to one of the most amazing Asian culinary experiences in Paris. We go there often on weekends with family and friends for proper comfort food. Lao Siam is owned and operated by three brothers who took over the restaurant from their parents. They’re so welcoming and deeply passionate about the cuisine of their homeland.


L’Astrance—a small restaurant with three Michelin stars—also ranks high on our subjective list of the world’s best restaurants. It offers a generous and flavorful menu accompanied by the most elegant and precise service you could ever imagine. Eating at L’Astrance is like being a spectator to a ballet that is filled to the brim with discoveries, surprises, emotions and personality. Tatiana used to work there as a chef before we opened Le Servan and it was where she learned discipline, grace, generosity and respect. L’Astrance helped us define what we wanted to do with Le Servan and how to get there.

Chez Aline

Chez Aline is a gorgeous lunch spot near our restaurant. It’s run by our friend Delphine Zampetti, who opened it four years ago. She makes classic recipes—the ones a mother would cook for her children. You’ll find one of the best sandwiches in town at Chez Aline and you’re guaranteed to become addicted as a result of the outstanding ingredients and the passion poured into each item on the menu. Go for the extraordinary poulet pot-au-feu sandwich: It conjures childhood memories but also manages to transform a traditional French dish into a sandwich that you can bring on the go.

Boutique Yam’tcha

What used to be a former Asian Michelin restaurant now serves Chinese buns (bao) and tea. The bao are infused with the DNA of French cuisine: They feature unique stuffings and a brioche bun that melts in your mouth. Celebrating fusion foods, Boutique Yam’tcha is one of the most elegant and contemporary fast-food restaurants you can find in Paris. Our favorite bao has stilton cheese and amarena cherries—it’s become a classic to us. For drinks, pick something off the unique tea menu.

Tatiana and Katia Levha are owners of Parisian bistro Le Servan.

Le Servan
32 Rue Saint-Maur
75011 Paris

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