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Take a journey with Kinfolk. Guided by the belief that travel is as much a state of mind as an action or itinerary, Kinfolk Journeys celebrates slower ways of exploring our world. Whether cycling through the rugged Lofoten Islands north of the Arctic Circle, driving along Namibia’s deadly and desolate coastline, or taking an all-day train into the most remote reaches of Australia, the 18 stories within our latest book will transform the way you travel from A to B, no matter the distance.

Kinfolk Journeys is filled with ideas for day trips, weekend breaks and grander adventures that celebrate gentler modes of transport—road, rail, sea and trail—and encourage you to be your own guide along the way. Featuring lush photography, practical advice and thoughtful reflections on responsible travel, the stories in this collection traverse some of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes.


256 pages, over 280 full color photographs. Published by Artisan Books.

Publication date: October 15th, 2024

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