Coco O

Meet the singer who left her band, record label and life in Los Angeles to move home to Copenhagen and go solo.

Issue 32



“I got so frustrated at always being treated like a princess on a pea.”

On a Tuesday afternoon in a dark, smoky bar in Copenhagen, regulars chat about everything and nothing. No one pays much attention to a young woman in the corner booth, playing with the sleeve of her fluffy sweater as she talks.

Coco O doesn’t impose herself on a room. In fact, the Danish singer-songwriter comes off as a little shy. But her voice—and what a voice—is her talent. It’s taken her on a journey from being on a major label and living in Los Angeles, to having no label and living back in Copenhagen, on the cusp of releasing a solo album.

A decade ago, Coco O teamed up with songwriter and producer Robin Hannibal to form Quadron, a soul-pop act. Their self-titled debut album would eventually lead to a move to LA and opportunities for Coco to work with American musicians an...

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