Day in the Life: Stine Goya

Stine Goya has been a quiet presence in the fashion world for more than a decade—first as a model, then as an editor, now as a designer.

“I expect a certain percentage of failure in every project, and that’s okay. Even if things don’t go my way, I have to stay calm.”

Stine Goya—Denmark’s redheaded fashion entrepreneur and sweetheart of the ’70s silk pantsuit set—has little trouble commanding attention. Without raising her voice above the decibel level of a murmur, she makes a striking impression. Stine’s been at the helm of her eponymous womenswear line for 10 years and has more than 30 collections under her belt, and though she speaks softly and laughs easily, her demure manner belies a fearsome business acumen. Stine has much to share of what she’s learned about the growth of a healthy business over the last decade and that asking for what you want is no easy task, nor is relinquishing control.

Where are you from?

I grew up in a very small town outside of Copenhagen called Taarbæk. When I was a child, it was just a little fishing vill...

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