Eva Victor

Victor wears a shirt by PH5, a turtleneck and trousers from the stylist’s archive and shoes by Dansko x Crocs.

Nathan Ma meets Eva Victor: the character comedian changing her industry without leaving her apartment.

  • Photography Emma Trim
  • Styling Dominick Barcelona

“I have all this pent-up fear and fraudulence and worry about not living up to the titles assigned to me.”

On Twitter, comedian Eva Victor is a headline act. As an actor, her on-camera credits include Showtime’s prestige drama Billions.  As a writer, her satirical pieces have been published on Reductress and in The New Yorker. But Victor has found her beat in short-form comedy sketches that she films with her phone and uploads to Twitter. The videos are low-fi and low- to no-budget, like Instagram Stories with a plot. In one, she plays a glamorous widow, idly cooperating with the police as they investigate the disappearance of her husband who she definitely did not kill. In the next, she’s a record store clerk with a septum piercing and plenty of attitude: The girl in a movie who is “different.” 

In these videos, Victor doesn’t assume the role of different people—she fully inha...

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