Jonathan Chmelensky

A tour of The Royal Danish Ballet with its principal dancer.

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On stage with The Royal Danish Ballet, Jonathan Chmelensky is so captivating that it’s hard to imagine him as an average man in Copenhagen. “Average” may be off the mark, but the principal dancer transforms into an altogether more relatable character when the curtain goes down. Here, we ask the French-born, Cuban-trained dancer about life on stage and off.

It’s Sunday evening. Are you coming from rehearsal?
During the season, I pretty much live at the theatre where we practice and perform but Sunday is usually our day off. It’s the only time I can just hang around my neighborhood.

Which neighborhood is that?
I live in Nørrebro, a relaxed area of Copenhagen. It feels like a village at times, with incredible food. A sushi restaurant called Selfish is my go-to place the day befo...

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