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Xavier Corberó built what feels like the world’s biggest kaleidoscope. At the epicenter of the sculptor’s Catalan estate, a six-story structure rises like a contemporary Tower of Pisa. The interior of the tower is a hollow atrium; here, plants dangle and light spangles through arched windows, shining a surreal light show into a cathedral of modernism.

Corberó, who was born in 1935 and died last year, is one of Spain’s most celebrated sculptors. However, his legacy does not primarily consist of his artworks—large standing structures, often hewn from rough rock—but rather his home: a madcap network containing dozens of dwellings, sprawling their way across an 11-square-mile site on the outskirts of Barcelona. When he died at the age of 82, he was still not finished with the creation of this private Neverland.


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