Tips: Business Cards and Hiring

Some professional gestures may seem ephemeral, but can be leveraged to have lasting impact.

"It’s important to present a pristine card that isn’t creased, smudged or ripped."


The humble business card. Clocking in at an average of 2 by 3 1⁄2 inches, this small rectangle of card is often treated as a conversational afterthought. Hastily pulled from purses and pockets, business cards frequently change hands only to find their fate at the bottom of briefcases or the back of desk drawers. 

In the age of email, where technology allows individuals to share information with the tap of an app, the idea of exchanging cards might seem quaint, if not superfluous. But for much of the world, it is a crucial step in establishing professional relationships. Ignoring the expected decorum can leave a poor impression or negatively impact a sought-after deal.

“Business card exchanges are an important sign of your level of professional education and internati...

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