A Day in the Life: T-Michael

Bespoke tailor T-Michael derives as much satisfaction from the design process as he does from the end result.

“I used to go to secondhand stores and buy tailored jackets and suits just so I could rip them apart to see how they were built up”

From the crowded cobblestone streets of London to the quiet alleyways of Bergen, Norway, T-Michael creates hand-sewn menswear that may as well come with its own lovingly worn-in passport. Born and raised as the youngest of five children in Accra, Ghana, Michael Tetteh Nartey moved to London as a teenager before traversing the North Sea to Norway at the age of 23. After earning a degree in men’s tailoring, he launched his eponymous line in 1996 and now also collaborates with Alexander Helle on Norwegian Rain, a collection of hardy and sartorial rainwear with a Japanese approach. Though his work often keeps him busy, he makes time for a quiet breather on his couch or a spot of whiskey at one of his favorite neighborhood bars.

What was your first experience as a tailor and how did you ge...

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