Flynn McGarry

Nikolaj Hansson meets Flynn McGarry, the New York–based chef, on the eve of his 20th birthday and asks: What next?

Issue 30



“I was cooking dishes from the books but they tasted different. I wanted to have fun.”

Flynn McGarry speaks with the judicious maturity that you’d expect from a person who’s worked in kitchens for half of his life. That’s because, despite being only 20, he has. McGarry has been cooking since the age of 10—first at dinner parties for his parents’ friends, then at supper clubs hosted at their house in California’s San Fernando Valley, then with apprenticeships at three-starred Michelin restaurants including Geranium in Copenhagen, Alinea in Chicago and Maaemo in Oslo. He opened a pop-up restaurant, Eureka, at the age of 13. McGarry has brought a playful joie de vivre into the often hyper-controlled environment of the professional kitchen, opening up his menus to spur-of-the-moment ideas without compromising on what’s most important to the young chef: creating ...

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