Helen Nonini

In Milan, learning how to problem solve with a professional.

Outside the hallowed La Scala opera hall, the sidewalks are jammed with fashionistas vamping between runway shows. In Milan, fashion week manifests itself on the streets. Inside a bustling café, among the more distinguished representatives of the dressed-up throng, there’s a young man in a gold pillbox hat strung with shoulder-length gold beads and a woman in a Gucci fur coat and rainbow-colored Chullo hat. Most diners are staring keenly at a more magnetic presence, however: a woman in a simple oversized cardigan and a high turban, holding court at the far edge of the black marble bar.

Admired for her acumen as well as for her eccentric headwear, Helen Nonini first made a name for herself as a professional problem solver for the exceedingly affluent, answering anxious calls to locat...

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