Models: Tristan Cardinal & Zachary Courchesne

Internal Flame The etiquette of a crush.

Internal Flame The etiquette of a crush.

Issue 48


Arts & Culture

  • Words Justin Myers
  • Photograph Garrett Naccarato

Feeling attracted to someone is often the first step toward a larger entanglement; a spark that, with the help of certain accelerants, will grow into the inferno of a romantic or sexual liaison. 

But where does this leave the humble crush? They have a bad reputation: angsty, unrequited fixations that can squeeze the life out of us and grind our hearts into dust. These are sparks that will never know the fullness of flame. Yet there can be something life-affirming about a secret, distant fascination that keeps your mind alive. The hot co-worker who brings coffee without asking; the stranger on your regular commute who smiles every morning; your partner’s oldest friend, whose jokes land perfectly. You might never act on the desire, but that doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time.

A crus...

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