Words: Natasha Stallard

Photos: William Jess Laird

Hair & Makeup: Monica Alvarez

An email exchange with Manhattan’s
it-girl indie publicist. 

Issue 52

, Influence

  • Words Natasha Stallard
  • Photos William Jess Laird
  • Hair & Makeup Monica Alvarez

Kaitlin Phillips has a reputation as something of an enfant terrible due to the frankness with which she shares her life online. But it’s this same frankness—along with her it-girl charisma and good taste in books—that has won her recognition as one of the most daring publicists in Manhattan. Originally from Montana, Phillips moved to New York in 2009 and began her career as a writer for publications such as The New York Times, Vogue and New York magazine, before pivoting to PR. She now describes herself as an “indie publicist,” working for artists, musicians, authors, publishers, fashion designers and stylists. 


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