MARCIO KOGANOn the pursuit of perfection.

MARCIO KOGANOn the pursuit of perfection.

Issue 49

, Starters

  • Words Manju Sara Rajan
  • Photograph Raphael Lucena

Behind Marcio Kogan in his São Paulo office sits a kaleidoscope of objects—memorial trinkets from his adventures in filmmaking and architecture. It’s a varied collection that hints at the life of the founder of the architecture practice Studio MK27: a Hollywood star signed with his name, a movie clapboard, a Scream mask, a Minion toy. “Everything here has a story,” he says. 

Kogan began his career as a filmmaker, giving up the camera after a disastrous turn at making a feature film. Here, he explains how his love for cinema still impacts everything his award-winning firm touches—a span of work that stretches from breezy, modernist homes in Brazil to real estate projects in Dubai and plans for the Brazil Pavilion at the World Expo in Osaka in 2025. 

Manju Sara Rajan: What ma...


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