Nina Yashar

Inside the most stylish warehouse depot in Milan.

“I want people to follow me. I don’t want to follow them.”

“All my friends thought I was crazy,” says Nina Yashar as she reclines on a curved Ico Parisi couch that sits somewhat adrift in Nilufar Depot—the enormous furniture showroom she created in 2015. Nina is serene and charming as she discusses both how she came to expand her business from a store on Milan’s luxurious Via della Spiga to this warehouse-style space, and, above all, how she came to rule the roost when dealing furniture in this most taste-conscious of cities.

As one approaches the Depot in the industrial Derganino neighborhood, the air is sweet and distinctly alcoholic; next-door is the Fernet Branca distillery. What was originally devised as an architecturally enhanced warehouse to show off Nina’s inventory has now become her prime show space. Regularly featured at Ni...

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