Remembered Light

Sally Mann writes intimately of her relationship with Cy Twombly and the photographs she made of his studio before Twombly's death in 2011.

Issue 21


Arts & Culture

The older you get as an artist the higher the risks of success. The more work that surrounds a career, the more likely that the entrapment of past production will constrict future work, tying us ever more tightly to our style, our themes, our aesthetic past.

For example, when I was just starting out as an artist, I’d take pictures of anything, just for the sheer joy of seeing what it looked like as a photograph. Over time I began to take pictures of subjects that I had an opinion about, or of subjects that illuminated an intellectual concept that interested me. I don’t mean I was illustrating a polemic; I always defer to the imperatives of beauty, lyricism and the universal resonance of felicitous proportion. But, all the same, much of my work is in service to a concept: the nature o...

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