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“We want to create slow design in an organic, natural way,” says Fredrik Nathorst, co-founder of All Blues. “It should never become a forced process but rather be a personal approach.” All Blues was founded in Stockholm in 2010. Its first micro collection—named Marianne—consisted of 37 earrings, made from 37 stones that were on a necklace that Fredrik’s partner Jacob Skragge inherited from his grandmother upon her passing. “She’d asked to spread with the wind and this was an homage to that,” says Fredrik.

The duo’s new collection, Ellipse, was designed for Emma Watson to wear during the promotional tour for her latest movie, Beauty and the Beast.

“Working with other people is an intimate thing to us; we want to connect with someone who resonates with the values that we’re trying to depict through our jewelry,” Jacob says. “With Emma’s work as a UN spokesperson for equal rights, doing the Ellipse collection for her seemed like a logical extension of our work.”

Handmade in Stockholm at a third-generation foundry, the Ellipse collection, comprised of sterling silver bracelets, earrings, necklaces and hair clips, is available now at All Blues.

“Working with other people is an intimate thing to us."

“Working with other people is an intimate thing to us."

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