Alexis Sablone

Not many architects skate for their country, and not many skateboarders design the parks they skate in.

Issue 36


Arts & Culture, Design

  • Words Kyla Marshell
  • Photography Dominik Tarabanski

“I see skating as an imaginative misuse of space.”

When Alexis Sablone finds a moment to chat, she’s not coming from the skate park but from her art studio, where she’s got a sculpture made from tree branches underway. The seven-time X Games medalist, who started skating competitively when she was just 12, also has an undergraduate and master’s degree in architecture and practices out of New York. It’s a career hybrid that’s led to some imaginative results, including her design of a skate park, more aptly described as a “skateable sculpture” in Malmö, Sweden. She called the experience a “dream project”—but in everyday life, she finds ways of staying creative, whether through her art, which also includes animation, or the invention of new tricks on her board. All being well, she’ll soon encounter the biggest adven...

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