Charles de Vilmorin

  • Words Daphnée Denis
  • Photography Luc Braquet

Wild. Weird. Wearable: Meet the couture protégé challenging the norms of French fashion.

Issue 46



  • Words Daphnée Denis
  • Photography Luc Braquet

“Perhaps we could say I made these?” Charles de Vilmorin says cheekily, as he turns toward the Viktor & Rolf fall 2022 couture collection hanging on a rack at his publicist’s Parisian showroom. We’ve been perusing a selection of Vilmorin’s own fall 2022 looks: colorful, theatrical ensembles, some of which he hand-painted with eerie alien faces, mysterious flowers and even pints of beer foaming over a white shirt—a personal favorite of his. The flashy colors of his pieces contrast with the matte brown and dark blue palette of Viktor & Rolf’s garments, yet it’s easy to see how the Dutch fashion duo may have inspired the 26-year-old designer. They share a penchant for exaggerated silhouettes and dreamlike aesthetics as well as a clear sense of drama and poetry. When his PR ...

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