Day in The Life: Ramdane Touhami

Once homeless on the streets of Paris, entrepreneur Ramdane Touhami now presides over some of the city’s finest addresses with his beauty empire.

Ramdane Touhami doesn’t dominate the room the way some entrepreneurs do. He is casually dressed in comfortable trousers, sneakers and a warm-looking wooly sweater and hat. It is a contrast from the smart smock-like navy jackets worn by the staff at his Parisian beauty emporium, Officine Universelle Buly. Touhami, 42, seems a sprightly, nimble man who, one suspects, could quickly take you down in a boxing match. Certainly, through the refined spaces he is creating, he is hitting it big in the rarified world of premium cosmetics.

On the horizon is a new store in London (a 400-square-foot boutique in Selfridges), with locations in Milan and Los Angeles to follow. Touhami has launched an almost meteoric brand expansion; these new projects will join the 14 other outposts that have opened ...

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