• Words Lina Mounzer
  • Photography Bachar Srour

In an excerpt from our new book, Kinfolk Travel, winemaker Maher Harb takes us on a tour from grape to glass at his mountainside vineyard.

  • Words Lina Mounzer
  • Photography Bachar Srour

Sept Winery lies high above the historic Lebanese coastal town of Batroun, at the end of a winding mountain road flanked by oak trees on one side and panoramic views over green valleys on the other. The air up there is crisp, a little dry, redolent with the smells of wild aromatic herbs—thyme, sage, oregano—and alive with the chirping of birds and crickets. The setting offers perfect conditions for Maher Harb, the owner of Sept, Lebanon’s only biodynamic winery, to nurture the native grapes that he uses to make natural wines. 

Harb is especially passionate about his mission: to highlight the value and singularity of what Lebanese vineyards have to offer. And he’s not the only local winemaker who believes in the potential of this terroir. This, after all, is one  of the oldest ...


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