The Naturalist: Anita Calero

After four decades of pushing the boundaries of her creativity in New York, Anita Calero is following the call back home to her native Colombia.

“I went to the school of Studio 54. If you didn’t have the little outfit that brought the circus inside, you weren’t welcome”

In order to capture life in photographs, you need to have lived it first. From making ends meet chauffeuring Greek royalty in a gold Cadillac during her younger years to shooting some of the world’s biggest brands in her later decades, photographer and stylist Anita Calero has certainly made her time count. Though she is best known for capturing sublime still lifes, her reputation as an artist is often preceded by her presence as a woman—she exudes effervescence and graciousness, and she possesses an invigorating aura that belies her years. At 63, Anita is now embarking on the next chapter of her personal narrative: a homecoming of sorts to her native Cali, Colombia.

After almost four decades spent living and working in New York, Anita recently sold nearly all her possessions and de...


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