Tim Wendelboe

One man's mission to educate, innovate, and serve the world's best brew.

Oslo’s love affair with coffee began more than a century ago. Tim Wendelboe has dedicated his career to keeping the flame alive with an eponymous roastery, espresso bar and training center. A decade after founding his award-winning java empire, Wendelboe explains one drink’s rise to prominence in the Norwegian capital.

How did Oslo’s relationship with coffee begin?
Coffee took off in the early 1900s when the church and Labour Party saw that business owners were oppressing workers by partially paying them with alcohol. They started a movement to promote it as the sober drink. Alcohol was banned around the same time—too much moonshine being made, too many people drinking themselves into poverty.

How did that evolve into the city’s contemporary coffee culture?
In the mid-‘90s,...

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