Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson

Meet the founders of acclaimed lighting design studio Apparatus.

"We’re definitely running on adrenaline."

When Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson began to experiment with lighting design, it was because they couldn’t find anything suitable for their new home. The couple—self-confessed tinkerers—already spent their weekends perusing flea markets and decided to apply their DIY hankerings to a shared project. “He’s an idea person and I like to make things, so he suggested that we start making some lamps,” says Jeremy.

The duo is hazy on exactly when the art project morphed into Apparatus—their acclaimed design studio—but both agree that it was entirely unexpected. In 2011, a gallery-owner friend showed some of their designs on consignment. A blog picked them up, and by the time a restaurant group in Shanghai contacted them with an order, Apparatus had already been born. By 20...


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