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The Metallic

Going for gold, in partnership with G-SHOCK.

For millennia, our fascination with precious metals has been tied to the search for a better life. Consider the twin goals of medieval alchemists: firstly, to make gold, secondly, to find an elixir to cure all disease.

Although alchemists have long been discredited and their search for a miracle superseded by the slower marvels of science and medicine, they were oriented to the same goals as much of humanity: riches and long life. As the poet W.B. Yeats wrote in Rosa Alchemica in 1896, “Their doctrine was no mere chemical fantasy, but a philosophy they applied to the world, to the elements, and to man himself.”

Today, health is wealth, and the key to a longer life is an active one. In partnership with G-SHOCK, Kinfolk spent a day in the studio experimenting with these various inspirations, combining metal hoops, weights and rods with the GMS2100PG1A4—an octagonal watch with a rose gold bezel.

This story was produced in partnership with G-SHOCK.

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