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  • Interiors
  • Issue 41

A home in Arles.

Cy Twombly's Roman Notes and a Piranesi lithograph hang in the entrance of Halard's home.

François Halard built his reputation on photographing other people’s homes. Now, he’s turned the lens on his own interior.
Words by Daphnée Denis. Photography by François Halard.

Though it isn’t his primary residence, renowned interiors photographer François Halard considers his home in Arles his “primary folly.” When he first laid eyes on the hôtel particulier some 30 years ago, it was love at first sight. The grandeur and Mediterranean cachet of the 18th-century house, in the center of France’s “most Roman city, ” reminded him of the celebrated Italian home of the abstract expressionist Cy Twombly. In a poetic turn of events, the beauty of Halard’s home


This story is from Kinfolk Issue Forty-One

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