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My Favorite

Heidi Gustafson on holding the hand of a faraway friend. Words by Alexandra Marvar. Photograph by Armin Tehrani.

For my birthday this year, my best friend cast her own hand in plaster, so that I could hold it whenever I wanted to. So, this is the hand of my best friend, Devon Deimler. She’s a mythologist, a scholar and an incredible artist, but she’s been mostly a professor these days so it’s meant a lot to me to see her artwork.

We went to art school in Baltimore together. Technically, we were in the sculpture department but it was more like social practice, following a lineage of conceptual artists, event-based artists. We were lucky. We had a rad professor. We had a bunch of people that would come down from New York—far-out thinkers. 


This story is from Kinfolk Issue Forty-Nine

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