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Issue 25

Introducing The Food Issue The latest issue celebrates food as a lens through which identity and relationships can be interpreted. What does a person’s approach to food tell us about their values? As MFK Fisher famously wrote, sharing a meal can be more intimate than sharing a bed. Inside, we speak to culinary legend Martha Stewart, celebrate some decidedly non-essential food reading, from the electric terrines and microwaved hot dogs of ’70s-era Betty Crocker to the Toffee and Pine Cones whipped up by Salvador Dalí, visit chef Camille Becerra in Manhattan and learn about an intricately stylized and traditional Japanese method of food wrapping. Elsewhere, we meet burgeoning actor Lola Kirke, examine whether narcissism is truly a growing social concern or yet another way to silence people and learn what mundane personal habits reveal about our characters.

Julio Roberto Katinsky - São Paulo home


The São Paulo home of Julio Roberto Katinsky is a living, breathing masterpiece of Brazilian modernism: all curves, concrete and creeping vegetation.

Marine Gaudin - Primal Pleasure, Kinfolk

Primal Pleasure

Natural tones and earthy flavors: Celebrating the deep comfort of some of nature’s staples.

Lola Kirke talks to Pip Usher, Kinfolk

Lola Kirke

Awkward and ascending: Actor Lola Kirke talks to Pip Usher about auditions, America and her next act.

Color blocks, Piet Mondrian, Kinfolk

Color Block

A tableau vivant for fall, inspired by the compositions of Piet Mondrian.


See Attached

Mementos and security blankets: Why some inanimate objects take on spiritual significance.


Tick Tock

“Now” actually happened a split second ago: A meditation on the passage of time.



A Yoruba word meaning “twins”: Meet sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz.


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