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What's the Matter?

On the struggle to care equally.
Words by Marah Eakin. Photograph by Pascal Moscheni. Modeling by Miranda Makaroff.

Maybe it’s the pandemic or maybe it’s because, for the last seven or so years, it’s felt like society is constantly on the cusp of complete collapse, but it seems like we’ve become desensitized to other people’s personal issues. 

That’s not to say that some things don’t hit home. Everyone feels terrible for disaster victims, grieving families and those who are struggling with other obvious tragedies. The wackier worries can spark interest, too: When a friend recently recounted how she was dealing with a seven-year-old son who wants to be naked every minute he’s home, even if other people are in the house, I felt genuinely sorry, telling her very seriously that I had no idea how I’d

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