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Issue 37

The importance of nature for both our personal wellbeing and global prosperity has never been clearer. With a cautious return to the great outdoors now on our shared horizon, Kinfolk heeds the enticing call of the wild.

Pan wears a sleeveless jacket and skirt by AMI. Huang wears a suit by AMI and a T-shirt by Brunello Cucinelli.

Rock Steady

A breath of fresh air amid the ancient Stone Forest of southwestern China.


Material Girl

The most interesting people, stories and haircuts all have layers. This fall, so does your wardrobe.


Haatepah Clearbear

First, Haatepah Clearbear learned about his past. Now the young model is using that knowledge to advocate for Native American futures—and the planet.



Unable to travel during lockdown, architects Salem Charabi & Rasmus Stroyberg decided to recreate a favorite building.

In his diaries, Jarman wrote of how his garden provided him with comfort amid the AIDS crisis. Photograph: Geraint Lewis

Cult Rooms

On a barren stretch of British coastline, Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage is a bold celebration of beauty against all odds.

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