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Interview / Issue 19 A Day in the Life: Frida Escobedo

Whether it’s a hotel, gallery or a public space, Mexican architect Frida Escobedo’s work carries energy without adhering to one specific style.

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Essay / Issue 19 In Anxious Anticipation

The effects of adrenaline are positively pulse-pounding, but the physical whoosh we feel in our bodies actually starts in our brains.

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Notecards / Notecards Notecard Collection – The Hygge Edition

When nature lowers the dial on sunlight and heat, our moods can easily sink in unison. Winter is when Danish folks savor their tradition of hygge.

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Photo Essay / Issue 18 Order in the Courts

From baseball’s diamonds and snooker’s triangles to the goal lines we protect and the running tracks we circle, we take a closer look at the graphic patterns inherent in the athletic field.

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Home Tours / The Kinfolk Home The Kinfolk Home: Geraldine Cleary

Geraldine Cleary’s home achieves the perfect balance between the inside and outside realms, the private and public territories.

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Excerpt / Issue 15 In Praise of Slowness

In this excerpt from Carl Honoré’s book In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed, he writes about the benefits of flexible hours and the importance of downtime.

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Photo Essay / Issue 15 The Path to Success

Our career paths can be filled with plenty of unexpected detours, speed bumps and potholes, and it’s not always easy to decide which route to take. Sometimes it’s best to enjoy the road you’re on as you confidently stride into uncharted territory.

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  • Seattle: Peter Miller Architecture

    Peter Miller Books is filled with sleek writing utensils, Finnish housewares, calendars, clocks and design books of all kinds.

  • Osaka: Graf

    An interview with Shigeki Hattori, creative director and one of six founders of the shop-studio-coffeehouse Graf.

  • Paris: Holybelly

    Holybelly is raising the bar for quality food and coffee in the 10th arrondissement.

  • Santa Cruz: Verve Coffee

    An interview with Colby Barr, the café’s co-owner and green coffee buyer.

  • London: Labour and Wait

    If Kinfolk were a shop, it would want to be just like Labour & Wait in East London.

  • Melbourne: Heide Museum of Modern Art

    Heide Museum of Modern Art combines contemporary art, architecture, gardens and coffee into what is a lovely way to whittle away your afternoon.

  • San Francisco: March

    If only we could have kitchens that are exact replicas of this beautiful Pacific Heights shop.

  • New York: Root & Bone

    We interview chef-owners Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth about Root & Bone, a Southern neighborhood restaurant that focuses on timeless country comfort food.

  • Portland, Oregon: Table of Contents

    Shop clothing, furniture and hard-to-find magazines.

  • San Francisco: Song Tea & Ceramics

    A visit to this quiet gem on Sutter Street transcends the mechanical interaction of ordering and paying for a drink from across a counter.

  • Gothenburg: Fabriken

    We interview Louise Friestedt, who runs the cozy home design shop Fabriken with her husband, Johan Larsson.

  • Vancouver: Old Faithful Shop

    An interview with Walter Manning, co-owner of Old Faithful Shop, a modern take on the old general store in Vancouver’s Gastown area.

  • Vancouver: Le Marché St. George

    An interview with Janaki Larsen, who runs this lovely shop and café in the Riley Park neighborhood of Vancouver, BC.

  • Copenhagen: Paté Paté

    We chat with Kenn Husted, owner of Paté Paté, which is famous for Spanish- and French-inspired cuisine and—you guessed it—pâté.

  • Detroit: Astro Coffee

    An interview with Dai Hughes, who owns Astro Coffee with his wife, Jess Hughes.

  • London: Toast

    We speak with with James Seaton, one of the founders of Toast, about the company’s growth, the latest collection, what inspires him and the recently renovated Chelsea location.

  • Copenhagen: Kompa’ 9

    A chat with Rasmus Damsbo, who runs the popular café Kompa’ 9 and Kaf’ Bar 9 with his business partners Tobias Helweg and Mikkel Bang.

  • Copenhagen: The Coffee Collective

    We talk to Klaus Thomsen, a cofounder of one of our favorite coffee shops in the Danish capital.

  • Philadelphia: Art in the Age

    An interview with the creative director and manager of Art in the Age, a shop and gallery that also makes its own organic spirits.

  • Nashville: Pinewood Social

    We interview Ben and Max Goldberg, the innovative brothers behind the charming southern comfort food bar/bowling alley Pinewood Social.