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Interview / Issue 11 CALIFORNIA DREAMING

A Venice Beach couple has found home in a 1975 modern box made of simple materials. Hannah Henderson, John Moore and their family share their shelter for the day.

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Entertaining Ideas / Issue 9 Kings & Queens: The Art of Bed Making

Weekends provide a much-needed break from the monotony of the workweek—let this mean mornings when you don’t just make your bed, you sculpt it.

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Home Tours / Issue 11 The Kinfolk Home Tours: The Pale Palace

Our international Home Tours section continues with this old German apartment.

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Home Tours / Issue 11 The Kinfolk Home Tours: The Beach House

Our international Home Tours section continues with this Sydney seaside flat.

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Series of Tips / Issue 11 A HOME AWAY FROM HOME

Travel can make you see the world in a different way, but it can also remind you of what you’ve left behind. Here are some ideas for things to bring along that will make you feel at home on the road.

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Essay / Issue 9 THE IDLER: How to do nothing

As people get older, they realize that time is more valuable than money. And finding more time to do absolutely nothing is perhaps exactly what we all need.

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Photo Essay / Issue 11 DREAMING IN CARDBOARD

We asked some kids in London to describe their dream homes and then brought them to life.

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Series of Tips / Issue 11 INSIDE JOB

What’s the secret to working from home successfully? We asked some seasoned home-based workers for ideas on getting the job done.

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Photo Essay / Issue 8 Old Lives Tales

Keep calm and carry these Japanese proverbs close at hand to live well and gain wisdom.

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Kinfolk Workshop / Web Exclusive Kinfolk + West Elm | Herbal Infusions Workshop

Our November workshops were focused on Herbal Infusions in various locations around the world.

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Photo Essay / Issue 5 Leaving

A photo essay by Kathrin Koschitzki with a green and leafy theme.

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We asked three London chefs for simple recipes they prepare often at home. Florence Knight, head chef at Polpetto in London, shares a recipe here.

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Illustrated Verses / Issue 11 Forgotten Fixtures

Haven’t touched that salad spinner in a while? Household objects have feelings too. Here’s what some of them might be feeling when you neglect them.

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City Guides

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  • Brooklyn: Four & Twenty Blackbirds

    An interview with one of the South Dakota sisters behind the popular pie shop Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

  • Helsinki: Freese Coffee Company

    Freese Coffee Company is a noteworthy new coffee shop in the Finnish capitol.

  • Los Angeles: General Store

    We chatted with Hannah Henderson from the Venice location about the shop’s aesthetic, customers and the products it sells.

  • Melbourne, Australia: Heide Museum of Modern Art

    Heide Museum of Modern Art combines contemporary art, architecture, gardens and coffee into what is a lovely way to whittle away your afternoon.

  • Berlin: Do You Read Me?!

    We never leave Berlin without a stack of new reading material for the flight home from Do You Read Me?!

  • Los Angeles: Individual Medley

    This lovely shop in the Atwater area of Los Angeles stocks pretty clothing, accessories, gifts, cards, beauty products and home goods.

  • Chicago: Longman & Eagle

    A great place to eat, drink and then immediately fall into bed, L&E has an extensive craft cocktail menu and an upstairs inn with six rooms for sleepovers.

  • New York: Freemans Sporting Club

    An interview with the founder of the bespoke, locally constructed men’s clothing store Freemans Sporting Club.

  • Los Angeles: Berlin Currywurst

    Serving up sausages, fries and craft beers, Berlin Currywurst is the first German street food snack bar to hit Los Angeles.

  • Seattle: Glasswing

    We feel right at home at Glasswing, purveyors of clothing, books, furniture and home goods representing all things Pacific Northwest.

  • Los Angeles: Proof Bakery

    An interview with Na Young Ma, the chef/owner of Proof Bakery in the Atwater Village neighborhood.

  • Osaka: Graf

    An interview with Shigeki Hattori, creative director and one of six founders of the shop-studio-coffeehouse Graf.

  • New York: Freemans

    We chat with one of the founders of Freemans Restaurant, one of Gotham’s finest rugged clandestine American taverns.

  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Lantern

    An interview with Andrea Reusing, James Beard-winning chef at Pan-Asian restaurant and bar Lantern in the North Carolina college town.

  • Los Angeles: Moon Juice

    An interview with Moon Juice owner Amanda Bacon.

  • Chicago: Heritage General Store

    Bike’s got a flat? Head here to get some quality coffee and baked goods while you get your flat fixed (or buy a new handmade bike)!

  • Minneapolis: Bachelor Farmer

    An interview with the folks behind the Bachelor Farmer, a Nordic-inspired spot in a very old warehouse in the North Loop neighborhood.

  • Los Angeles: Handsome Coffee Roasters

    An interview with Michael Phillips, co-owner of the popular Handsome Coffee Roasters.

  • San Francisco: Dandelion Chocolate

    We head to the Mission District to visit small-batch chocolate purveyors Dandelion Chocolate.

  • Northampton: Kestrel

    Inspired by the natural world and good design, Kestrel is a modern, minimal home goods and accessories shop in Western Massachusetts.